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   "Both of our children attended Edmonds Montessori Preschool.  My daughter thrived with the social aspect of a multiage classroom and the freedom to choose what she wanted to accomplish each day.  The following year my son, less social than my daughter, also thrived in the Montessori environment that enabled him to be in engaged in multiple and diverse table work activities and experiences.  We recommend Edmonds Montessori as a great first start in education!"


~Tess Healy

   "My child  attended  Edmonds Montessori for two years. I think picking Edmonds Montessori as her preschool was one of the best early education decisions I have ever made. Coming from a trilingual and multi cultural family such as ours, my daughter at first had a difficult time adjusting  to a preschool environment but Christi and her wonderful, talented and caring staff made my daughter's transition so much easier. She became happier and looked forward to coming to class everyday. I would highly recommend Edmond's Montessori to anyone who is interested in getting personalized, caring and quality early childhood education at a very affordable price. "

~Elif Baskava

  "My son was in Miss Ella and Miss Penny’s class for two years.  We liked that the children had the freedom to choose which work to do with gentle guidance where needed, especially in the second year.  We also liked that the children could choose when to have a snack instead of being told when. Given that young boys especially need to move around, the freedom of movement allowed in the class was great for our son instead of being told to sit still for three hours, or observe what other children were doing. Interacting and working with other children was also allowed and encouraged, which was a wonderful experience for our son, especially in a multi-age classroom where the older children gained experience in helping their younger classmates.  Upon completion of the Edmonds Montessori program, Miss Ella felt that our son was well prepared for kindergarten, so we decided to enroll him in kindergarten.  Despite being one of the youngest in his full-day kindergarten class, our son’s teacher feels that he was very kindergarten ready and currently his math and reading are above standard for the grade level and advancing well.  His kindergarten teacher also said that he is very well behaved and that he respects school materials such as books. It used to be fun to see him taking care of his Montessori classroom (dusting, wiping, watering plants, etc.) through the one-way window from the hallway.  We feel that the Edmonds Montessori program was a great learning experience for our son and a solid launching for his kindergarten experience."

~Chino Shaver


  “I had 3 daughters attend Edmonds Montessori, and it really had a positive impact on all of them. We used to attend a more traditional preschool, and the difference was staggering. The best aspect of it was how Ms. Ella's class had a gentle, natural flow. It was a peaceful classroom, with children engaged in all kinds of activities that interested them. My girls went to kindergarten knowing how to write well and we're definitely ahead of their peers. Best of all, they say preschool was one of their happiest times! We are so grateful to Ms. Ella and Edmonds Montessori.”

~Karie Dostert

  “I am so pleased that I picked Edmonds Montessori for my son. Mrs. Ella and Mrs. Penny are both warm, thoughtful, and extremely knowledgeable about early childhood education. My son thrived in their class. He has learned so many things to prepare him for kindergarten. I would recommend this school to any parent.”


~Vanessa Stevens


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