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Classroom Our classrooms provide a warm, comfortable setting in which children can stretch their full potential. We have prepared an environment that will allow freedom with social and academic growth. The classroom belongs to the children. We strive to know the children as individuals, wonderfully different from one another. We feel that the children should not be put into "a slot" or "molded," simply because of their age. The children in our classes are multiage on purpose as children differ in their emotional and academic levels. Maria Montessori believed that multiage classes bring out the best in the children as individual strengths. The influence the children have on one another is heartwarming and amazing.

We offer two classrooms identical in their quality, days, times, curriculum, and materials. Each classroom has at least 1 certified Montessori teacher. A Japanese language class is taught weekly to the children. Michie, who has been with Edmonds Montessori for over 8 years, also incorporates her Japanese culture along with her teachings.

We offer a morning or an afternoon class. Each class is 3 hours and is offered either four days per week or three days per week. We enroll children between the ages of three and six. New and returning children gather in these classes. If Montessori children continue with our kindergarten program, they will reap the benefits of the continued Montessori experience under the enthusiastic guidance of teachers who will share their joy in learning. A two to three year block of continuity in a rich environment develops confidence and maturity. Social, emotional, and academic growth also occur throughout the period.

We use Montessori materials and philosophy as the core. Parallel materials along with Montessori materials are used; as our teaching is very individualized to fit each child's needs. After completion of our school, some children continue their Montessori education. Others move on to home-schooling, private, or public school.

We do believe in having a joyous time, in providing a wide variety of materials and ideas within the limit of 3 hours. We believe that children develop self-motivation, independence, and consideration for one another and the environment. The children develop a strong sense of self, and truly enjoy learning and the whole school experience.

We welcome observation through our one-way windows. To do so, there is no need for an appointment. We encourage people to learn about Montessori. Through observation, one can learn about the children's progress academically and socially.

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